Finally Enjoying the Ride

Thank you Jim Thomas and the entire Bar T family for all you have done for our horsemanship. We are always greeted with such a warm, heartfelt welcome. Our horses have become a joy to work with. The horses have obviously made great gains during their time at the Bar T when they were there for training. The clinics have been amazing, they are all well planned; ground work balanced with riding. We love that they have a limited number of participants, and that they are progressive. This insures that we are all at a similar skill set. You have taught us; both humans and equine, the patience and trust that we were

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Riddick: An Abused Mustang

Jim, I need to once again thank you for what you did for Riddick.  You helped him get over that hump and helped me realize why I didn’t get him there!  You will never truly understand how much this meant to me. I was a basket case trying to figure out how to get where we needed to be and yet everyone was telling me different things.  You got me set right. Riddick is a Mustang who was in his second adoption and still not gentled. I discovered him in a 30×16 paddock made of privacy fencing in my neighbor’s

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According to my trainers, I raised the world’s most difficult foal:  stubborn, opinionated and smart.  After years of trials and tribulations, I was about to give up.  My vet recommended I talk to Jim Thomas at the Bar T Ranch.  I took my horse for help a week later, and, after an intensive training session, things started to settle down and I had a horse I could work with.  After four sessions, I have a horse I can love… Anne Cain Cary,  N.C.

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