Whoa! Stopping in Five, Four, Three, Two and One

Unless you have a lazy horse, you probably had to put a good deal of effort into developing a good stop on your equine. If he stops, that is…! What I often see in clinics and lessons are riders that allow their horses to take their time stopping…it might take them a quarter of the arena before they get their horses stopped. Dribbling is for basketball—not riding! With that being said lets take a look at what happens with the horse when we ask for the stop. From the horse's perspective, we too often pick up aggressively when we ask for

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So You Want to be a Horse Trainer

  Wanted! Trainer to Start My 3-Year-Old Warm Blood Words to a trainer’s ear. But really, is the hunt worth the catch? Depends if you want to work twelve-hour days in the blistering heat or cold, wet, dirty, and many times sore from hitting the ground from that poor horse that’s been passed from trainer to trainer until someone (i.e., you) took the time to help him sort things out. You spend your time wondering if the next horse is coming in as scheduled and hoping the last client’s check clears the bank so you can make your rent or

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Buying A Horse In 10 Steps

  Thinking about adding to your herd? Congratulations! It’s surely an exciting time, but it’s a process that requires thought, consideration and patience. Too many prospective buyers get swept up in a rash, have-to-have-it-now mentality. No good comes from that! The worst thing in the world for a buyer to do is fall in love with a flashy horse recently posted on Craig’s List or Facebook, then decide—sight-unseen—that that’s the horse for her. Suppose the buyer finds out that someone else is also interested in her dream horse. Whatever is the love-struck buyer to do? Should she make a full-price

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