Stand Still, Please

Here's the question we're answering this week: "How do I get my horse to stand still while I am mounting on a loose rein without flexing his head around?" First, lets understand things from the horse’s perspective. I know, we say that a lot, don’t we? But our good friend Tom Dorrance said that you have to work the horse from where he is.  Having said that, understand why the horse may be moving.  Have we taught him to stand still without mounting?  Are his feet equally spread out to insure balance on his part as we pull ourselves up

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We Call it “Attitude”

This week we’re talking about “attitude.” We received three different questions over the course of last week about different horses with “attitude” issues—we heard about one rearing horse and two pinny-earred mares. After reading about each of the individual situations you might feel that there is no comparison but, in the horse’s world and in my understanding of what’s going on without seeing it in person, leads me to feel there is a little panic or frustration going on with all three horses. Let’s talk first about the behavior exhibited by the rearing horse who has a habit of rearing in

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Get Back Here!

On countless occasions I’m asked,  “why does my horse run from me when I’m trying to catch him?”  Not being able to catch your horse is really frustrating. Chasing your horse, boxing him in a corner, or using a treat or feed bucket is a very unpleasant way to start the day with your friend.  It seems that many owners, as well as myself, in the past have experienced this feeling.  Let’s look at what might be going on in the horse’s mind as well as his surroundings. First, let’s address things from his viewpoint!  When you start into the

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