So You Want to be a Horse Trainer

  Wanted! Trainer to Start My 3-Year-Old Warm Blood Words to a trainer’s ear. But really, is the hunt worth the catch? Depends if you want to work twelve-hour days in the blistering heat or cold, wet, dirty, and many times sore from hitting the ground from that poor horse that’s been passed from trainer to trainer until someone (i.e., you) took the time to help him sort things out. You spend your time wondering if the next horse is coming in as scheduled and hoping the last client’s check clears the bank so you can make your rent or

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Do I Need Spurs?

The use of spurs has been a debated question for years and, with the turn to a more natural way of horsemanship, has raised several eyes these days. Spurs were used as far back as the 5th Century and have changed little in appearance or style. The first spur carried a single point on the end and later on, by the 15th Century, was replaced by a rowel. Initially, they carried a more knightly role rather than an aid for persuasion to the horse. Today’s spur is made up of three basic parts: the neck, heel band and the rowel.

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